0Wednesday. 8th [February 1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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8 February 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Wednesday. 8th [February 1893]. Henry stayed in bed & I attended to him & made him see Dr Cini who ordered him to remain in bed. I read aloud to him in the afternoon– After dinner I dressed & went to the Palace Ball with Ola at 10.30. It was a much fuller ball than the last. I danced in the quadrille d’honneur with Signor Bordiga, the assessore a little radical who represented the Sindaco who is ill. I went in to supper with the Commander of the Russian ship of war now in the port. His name I did not catch. He is a square little man with a halt & stammer & very slow. We sat at the Dss of Genoa’s table & luckily I was made to part from him. He sat next the Dss & I near Count Serego & an Italian Naval officer. Ola went home with Mrs Eden before supper. I found the supper long as I could not eat & the noise was deafening—where as the Russian said with grim humour “le champagne commence à mousser.” At last abt 2.30 we were liberated & when we got back to the ballroom I asked leave to go home especially as Henry is unwell. It was past 3.00 when I got into bed.

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