0Monday. 27th February [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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27 February 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 27th February [1893]. Ola was in bed today not very well. Ersilia Canevaro & her sister Maria Cozzi came to lunch with us & there we learnt what had so preoccupied people last night—so that people whispered in corners—Countess Papadopoli’s conduct & its consequences– She was there beautifully dressed—& one can hardly believe the tragedy she had been enacting. For some time past her flirtation with a young man called Adami had been the talk of the town– It appears that 2 or 3 days ago Adami who is penniless & had merely wished to get money from her & had done so, threatened her with a pistol & demanded her jewels. Seeing how desperate things were Css P. confessed her misconduct to her husband herself implored his help & protection, the Count is brokenhearted & the catastrophe is terrible. It is thought he will not send her away on acct of their 2 girls of 8—& that she is really mad about men– The Papadopoli is the house of Venice rich & they have done much for society. The Countess is handsome—kindly & has been much liked but now her name is in everyone’s mouth & it is even said she had had a gondolier for a lover. One cannot believe this unless the poor woman is mad. I am very much concerned about it—& cannot forget her. M. & Mme André came after lunch & we showed them our pictures then I & Maria Cozzi went out to call on the Dss della Grazia—as it is her day– I left Maria at her home & joined Henry on the Piazza. He was walking with Mrs Eden who starts for England this evening. After dinner I went to Mrs Hulton’s. She had a musical party in the eveng. Ct Agostini played the cello & Mlle Dabala sang. Abt 11.30 they began to dance & I made off home. Mr Montalba came to tea & gave me a most lovely branch of almond in flower.

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