0Tuesday. 28th February [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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28 February 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Tuesday. 28th February [1893]. I was tired & got up late– Ola still in bed. The morning was fine but towards afternoon it rained heavily. Mme Wiel came to see Ola & I took her in gondola to the Piazza & then went to the Dyers to enquire after him & found he was better & then home– Mr Woods came to tea– We dined at 7 & Maria Lucchesi Palli with us & we took her to the Fenice to hear “I Rantzau.” Mascagni’s last opera. It was the première & the house was crammed, but the opera was not liked. After the 1st act there was a dead silence. Mascagni arrived from Berlin where he had quite a triumph at 2 today & was in the theatre. He was called on in the 2nd act but would not appear & there was a great noise & uproar some applauding some hissing. The last part of the opera was rather more interesting but it was very badly sung by all but the tenor. It was over about 11 & we brought Marie home & gave her supper in the kitchen as we always do when we go out at night & warm up our soup ourselves.

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