0Wednesday. 1st March [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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1 March 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Wednesday. 1st March [1893]. I had a long morning gardening & repotting with Pasquale– The spring begins to be felt & it is warmer– I also had to write about the foreign ladies’ bouquet. At 2 o’cl Sr Desideri brought the illuminated parchment & I had then to set about getting it signed by the 26 ladies. I took it out with me & with my caligraphic pen in my pocket caught some to sign as they went by in their gondola. I went to Css Albrizzi whose day it was & there got more. Came home to tea & Css Drechsel came & so she signed hers– Css Tiepolo & her daughter came to tea & then the Belmondos– We dined at 7 & at 8 had the CC Mandoline practise. At 10.30 the Dss della Grazia, Maria, Mrs Hulton & I went to Baroness Krauss who had a little dance. There I got also more signatures & have only 3 more to get tomorrow morng.

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