0Thursday. 2nd March [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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2 March 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Thursday. 2nd March [1893]. I got the signatures—& found the bouquet arrived when I went down at 9 to breakfast & tied on a white ribbon. Lunched at 1 & directly after Henry, Ola & I went to the station—with bouquet & parchment tied up with a blue ribbon. The flags were all out on the grand canal & the principal families of Venice accompanied H.R.H. H.H. from the palace to the station. On getting to the station we found a lot of naval officers waiting—& a crowd of officials & lookers on– We went on to the platform & to the waiting room where were other ladies with bouquets– The ladies of the Queen– The ladies of Venice and the young ladies—besides the foreign ladies. After some waiting the royal march struck up but it was a false alarm—10 minutes after it struck up again & this time they arrived—& the D. & Dss came in to the waiting room & had the bouquets presented. I gave the foreign ladies & Mme Krauss the parchment– Mlle Bianchini the young ladies bouquet & Mme Centurione the ladies of the Marines’ bouquet– At 2.50 the train left amongst cheers & music of the regiment & we all returned to our gondolas. Every body was in open gondola & the day was splendid & quite spring. Henry & I went to the Piazza for a short walk & came home at 4.30. After tea I read aloud to Henry. Dined at 8 & I went to bed at 9.30. The Duke & Dss will be much missed as they have done much for society here. About 8 o’cl I received a telegram from Baroness Despine thanking the ladies for their bouquet.

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