0Monday. 6th [March 1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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6 March 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 6th [March 1893]. I received an answer to a letter I had written to Mrs Ross asking her if she wd receive me & Henry at Poggio Gherardo this week—in wh she expressed herself pleased to have us—so we telegraphed to say we wd come tomorrow & telegraphed to ask Css Pisani if she wd have Ola & she answered yes. After lunch Mrs Hulton came for an hour to practise the guitar with me. Henry went to the Lido with the Dyers as it was lovely weather. Ola went out in sandolo & I walked. I went to Css Tiepolo’s day. They live in their old palace on the Piazza S. Polo—a fine building inside & out. I went on to see Rietti’s shop as he is now entirely moved into the Giustinian near the Goscari. Went to the Montalbas who were out. Met Mr Penrice who walked with me to Mr Eden’s door– I found Mr Eden at home & Css Drechsel with him. After telling him how were going I went home meeting Css Schio who had been to call on me– I went to the steamer station opposite our house & our gondola came across to fetch me. I had tea & a visit from Mr Penrice & then did my packing. Stella came at 6 & read to Henry till dinner time & her father & mother joined her at dinner. The Dyers are not satisfied with the notices of Stella’s playing in the Venetian papers—& think they did not say eno’.

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