0Saturday. 29th April [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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29 April 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 29th April [1893]. I got up for 2 hours but could not stand or feel my feet. Everybody has been very kind in wishing to ask after me– The Empress Frederick was in England & calling on my mother & heard of her that I was ill & wrote to Ola for news of me. Our Queen who is at Florence heard of it & telegraphed to Henry abt me. Princess Margaret & Prince Frederick Charles telegraphed to enquire. Henry kept up his spirits wonderfully. I have had a severe fever & am thankful to have been no worse & not to have been in real danger. Dr Cini was most kind & attentive & my kind nurses are still feeding me up every 2 hours. Mrs Eden & Ida Belmondo comes to sit with me & I am spoilt by everyone’s kindness.

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