0Sunday. 14th May [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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14 May 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Sunday. 14th May [1893]. Henry took me to the Eden’s garden & we sat there under the trees in the shade from 3 till 4.30 until the Edens arrived having been at a concert in town. It was a lovely day—hot—but a lovely breeze & Henry dozed & I lay on Mr Eden’s couch & listened to the birds chirping & the insects buzzing & feeling lazy & contented. The roses are a sight to see now in the garden & there are masses of columbines of all colours. Mrs Bronson & Edith (who arrived from Rome last night) came there to tea. Mrs Bronson is looking ill & speaks in a laboured way which makes everyone think she has had a slight stroke & I believe she thinks so herself. So many of the Edens friends came to the garden that I & Henry made our escape & went for a row to look at the old “Osborne” & then home. The Duke della Grazia & Marie S. Palli came to see—very happy at the safe confinement of their daughter Bianca Solin who has a girl. Whilst we were out the Pss of Wales & all her party came to see me—& we were sorry to have been out. Henry wrote to Genl Ellis to ask at what hour I could go tomorrow. He answered that the Pss would not hear of my going but wd come again herself. Henry went out after dinner & took Stella to the Piazza. I went early to bed.

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