0Friday. 22nd September [1893]—Rufford Abbey, Rufford, Nottinghamshire
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22 September 1893 — Rufford Abbey, Rufford, Nottinghamshire
Friday. 22nd September [1893]. Lord Savile drove us to his stud farm to see his horses before lunch. At 4 we drove over to call on Lady Maud Rolleston who lives abt 2 miles from Rufford. We had tea with her & then every body told ghost stories. It was broad daylight so that they did not have the right weird effect. There was much talk about the strike & the riots going on among the miners. Mr Rolleston being a magistrate had had to read the riot act & order the mob to be fired on—in some part of Nottinghamshire. Mrs Elliot (widow of the Dean of Bristol) came to stay at Rufford– A tremendous chatterbox—& an old lady got up to look young. She lives chiefly in Rome her daughter being married to Marchese Chigi. She talked incessantly & chiefly in praise of Lady Paget. Mr & Mrs Tom Cator came to dine—being neighbours.

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