0Thursday. 26th October [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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26 October 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Thursday. 26th October [1893]. I set off at 10 to go to fetch the P. & Pss & took them over the Palazzo Rezzonico & then to Rietti’s to look for old silks &c. Then took them back to the hotel & hurried home to lunch at 12 with the girls Lina, Pamela & Nela. Ola remained at home with Henry. We went off to the torpedo boat by 1 o’cl & got there first. When the P. & Pss arrived with Fraulein v Rauch & Herr v. Roederer the lady & gentleman in waiting the Pss said that since we had parted at the hotel there had come a great change in their lives—the Prince had been named to a command wh would take them to Cassel where they wd have to live for the next 3 years—& they had been busy telegraphing backwards & forwards—to the Emperor &c &c. The Prince will have to leave Venice tomorrow. They had accepted a dinner at our house for tomorrow & the P. wd not be able to come. The Torpedo boat was commanded by Capt Agnelli a very nice man who has an English wife & speaks English perfectly. We had splendid weather. We went out by the new sea walls outside the Lido & there was not a ripple. We took abt 1 hour going to Chioggia. There the Admiral’s steam launch met us & took us on shore. We walked up the principal street & looked into the cathedral—but there is nothing of interest to be seen—except the picturesque straits in the costume of the women who wear white aprons tied round their waists behind & brought up over the head like a mantle. We regained the torpedo boat & went down to the little cabin, unpacked our tea baskets & made tea which went very merrily. On our arrival at Venice we found that no gondola had been ordered by the Royal party so we sent them first ashore in our gondola & then came home by abt 5.30.

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