0Sunday. 19th [November 1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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19 November 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Sunday. 19th [November 1893]. Went to church in the morning. Called for Iduna Bel: & took her also. Coming out of church I saw Clara & Hilda Montalba for the first time since their sister Henrietta’s death. They were much moved & so was I. I did not go out again. Wrote letters. Mrs Eden came to tea & stayed a long time talking. She told me that Mrs Browning has written to Mrs Bronson to say she will not return here until her husband has sent away Ginevra the Florentine girl they took to help as a kind of house keeper & of whom Fanny B seems now to be jealous. The girl was a model who sat to Pen Browning at Florence & they liked her so much they took her into the house. It was very unwise to have done so & for some time Fanny liked her very much—but Fanny B has bad health & is rather hysterical & now has woke up to see the impropriety of the whole arrangement—altho Pen says there is nothing wrong about it & his aunt never leaves him. It is all very sad & will end worse I greatly fear. I am very grieved. Pen seems very odd & spends his wife’s money recklessly– It was a folly his having bought the Palazzo Rezzonico here—& he has now bought 8 houses at Asolo & the Palazzo Guidi at Florence! Ida Bel dined with us.

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