0Monday. 11th December [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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11 December 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 11th December [1893]. Went off with Nela to the studio at 9 after an early breakfast. Mr Woods came to give us a lesson—& painted on my study & gave us much encouragement. We came home to lunch—& directly afterwards I went off in the sandolo to see Mrs Bronson & to hear more abt the Brownings. I told her I had long been convinced that Fannie B was mad—or not herself—that I thought her husband ought to consider her as such & to write to Dr Playfair & have her kept in view. It appears she only communicates with Mr Browning thro’ her lawyer—& said she wd not return as long as he keeps Ginevra the ex model in the house. Pen B sent the girl at once back to Florence—& Fanny without waiting to hear this sends again thro’ the lawyer to say she will never see him again & asks whether she owes him any money! He answered back that “he had no claim on her purse.” Mrs Bronson says that Mr Browning told her that his father had given him the money to buy the Pal. Rezzonico & the housekeeping was to be paid by his wife—& that she has only £2000 a year & he abt the same. It is a sad state of things & only patience will bring it right. But I fear if she is driven to excitement that she will commit suicide as she often has spoken of it—& so her husband ought to have her watched. He is also very silly & selfish & obstinate & does not seem to have known how to manage things for himself or her—or he would never have allowed her to take for a companion a girl of bad character who had been a model & sat to artists. From Mrs Bronsons I went on to call on the Pss de Giorgio—she was out so I went on to the old Bentivoglios’ & found them at home—& then came home– Lina Duff Gordon was in bed with headache. Played harmonium after dinner.

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