0Monday. 18th [January 1897]—3 Savile Row
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18 January 1897 — 3 Savile Row
Monday. 18th [January 1897]. Maria came here at 11 to meet Dr Edgelow & he gives her hopes of improvement. She stayed on to luncheon. At 3.15 I started off to fetch Sophy Palmer at the Guildhall where she had been at a meeting & I drove her to Freda’s at Grosvenor Road. There we had tea & then started on a pilgrimage—1st to Lambeth Road where there was a “tea” given to the women employed in sorting dust from London houses. They were some of them most queer objects, & 15 years ago when the mission was begun they were as wild as Indians used fearful language—threw abt their tea cups & never went thro’ any marriage ceremony. They are now quite humanized. Sophy addressed them shortly & they sang hymns & prayed & had tea & enjoyed themselves. From there we drove to Clerkenwell to St Peter’s & Sophy attended another meeting. It was a better evening & the unfrequented streets were like sheets of ice– As we lost our way & got to Pentonville & Clerkenwell Sqr we made our route longer & more dangerous. We did not get home till abt 3.30 tired & hungry.

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