0Friday. 22nd [January 1897]—3 Savile Row
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22 January 1897 — 3 Savile Row
Friday. 22nd [January 1897]. A very cold day– Sophy returned from Southampton very exhausted & unwell and had to go & lie down at once & could not sit at luncheon. At ¼ 2 Eda & I drove off to Edwardes Square to pick up Mrs Arthur Layard & her infant & conveyed them to St Mary Abbott Church where the child was christened “Margery Phyllis” & I stood Godmother. In the churchyard of this church our ancestor Pierre Layard & his wife were buried. The church is a very large & fine one with splendid old windows. The ceremony did not take long. I held the child & amused them all by not allowing them to wipe the water off the baby’s head—the curate had however been very merciful & put very little on the infant’s head. The mother took the nurse to church with her & took charge of the baby herself & was quite handy with it. It was pretty to see her simple & artless ways. I took her the child & a Mrs Grant a friend back to Leighton Lodge & refused to go in to tea as it was snowing so hard & I did not like to keep out the horses & servants. I left Eda at Mrs Borwick’s & came home & wrote– Duncannon came to dine with me. Eda went out at 8 with Sophy to a meeting where Sophy addressed the company (they were 8 in all!) & they came home just at the end of our dinner. Sophy was so exhausted she had to go to bed at once. Deep snow & still falling.

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