0Saturday. 6th [February 1897]—3 Savile Row
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6 February 1897 — 3 Savile Row
Saturday. 6th [February 1897]. I & Nevil drove out in the morning to shop for an hour before lunch. In the meanwhile Sophy saw Mr Lopez about the new servant Jeffereys—I am taking from him. I had forgotten Mr L. was coming luckily Sophy remembered it & saw him & got an excellent character for me. Connie turned up for luncheon and afterwards I drove her home– Sophy left me to my great regret directly after lunch & went to her sister Freda at Petersham. Nevil accompanied me driving. I went to Vergani to see abt the frame for Passini’s portrait of me. The old Vergani was at home & burst out in Italian to me—how he remembered Henry & had worked for him when he lived in Piccadilly. He was a nice old man & type of a good Italian. We had to hurry back to Savile Row & found Lord Stanmore waiting for us having arrived at 4 to fetch Nevil home & they soon departed together. My sister Maria came to tea & her son Dacre also. I afterwards went to see Mr Burton the Dr who has been ill. Charlie Eliot came in also before I left Mr Burton. I came home at 7 & went straight to bed being tired out. Nelly also dined in my room & left abt 10.

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