0Tuesday. 2nd [March 1897]—3 Savile Row
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2 March 1897 — 3 Savile Row
Tuesday. 2nd [March 1897]. Painted with many interruptions– Dr Edgelow came. Louis Du Cane came on business & stayed to lunch. Monty Alderson also came to lunch—both left directly after. I drove out at 3 & went to see Lady Gregory who is still unwell. It was a bitter cold day– Home at 5. Mrs Arthur Layard called and informed me she had set up dressmaking as a business. She says she had done it before her marriage & as Arthur L. seemed to be failing in his artist’s work she thought she wd return to dressmaking. She seems thoroughly practical & decided & able to take care of herself. She pointed out that the gown she then wore (wh I did not much admire) was of her own making—& she said that last week she had cleared £7. She said that by 11 AM she had done her household duties—washed & dressed the baby & then received her clients till 1– She says the French girl she had does the fitting & cutting out & she herself does the sewing & she can make 2 dresses & a blouse in a week with her own fingers. Before she left I gave her the gold watch wh belonged to Henry’s father to give to her husband. It has Henry Layard 1827 engraved on it. Henry wore it a long time till he had a new one made in 1891 & wh I always now wear. Mrs Willy Hanson came also to tea to talk about her youngest son’s career. As he is my godson I am bound to take an interest in him. Nellie dined with me. After dinner we did spangled patterns for the Garry Hill work till bed time. I read my mother’s journal after I went to bed till 1 AM.

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