0Friday. 23rd [April 1897]—Bessborough, Fiddown, County Kilkenny
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23 April 1897 — Bessborough, Fiddown, County Kilkenny
Friday. 23rd [April 1897]. I was better & got up abt 10. Accompanied Blanche to the Court House where the concert was to be & where the family rehearsed for the evening’s entertainment. After having done what I had to do I returned home. It was a most beautiful day tho’ the wind was E & cold. After lunch I went out with Blanche & Vere to settle with Corbett (the forester) about planting some trees—& then came home & wrote letters. We had high tea at 6 & at 7 drove to the Court House for the concert was at 7.30. The House was crammed & everything went off well. Little Bertie played his flute solo with great calm & aplomb & in perfect tune. The “Niggers” in costume were very good & everybody seemed pleased. Duncannon made a speech at the end to say that the proceeds of the concert were to be devoted to getting a trained nurse for the parish use– The performance was over soon after 10. We returned home to a good supper & well earned repose–

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