0Monday. 26th [April 1897]—Bessborough, Fiddown, County Kilkenny
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26 April 1897 — Bessborough, Fiddown, County Kilkenny
Monday. 26th [April 1897]. Startling news from the East– The Turks are beating the Greeks hollow. The latter seem to be melting away. I rejoice that my dear friends the Turks should have a turn of good luck at last tho’ I fear they will not be allowed by the Powers to enjoy it. There is also a fear of a war in S. Africa—& 30000 troops are under orders to be ready. The state of the world is indeed troublous. I keep thinking to myself—“What would Henry have said to it all?” Blanche & Onie left directly after lunch to pay a visit to Lord & Lady Mayo for the Punchestown races. Edward went by the same train to England– I am left in charge of the rest—Vere, Irène, Miles & Bertie– Vere drove me over to Castletown to call on Col. & Mrs Stewart. A nice house built much like this house—& in black marble– The hall is very handsome—the ceiling very nice—but the present owners are very badly off & cannot afford to do much to it. They have a few pictures Albanese &c & pretty decorated dining room—but the paint all wearing off– We found Mrs Stewart in & she received us very kindly. We drove home to tea. Mr & Miss Power came to tea to settle a paper chase the children here are anxious to have on Thursday– We dined at 8—& I gave Vere an Italian lesson in the evening.

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