0Friday. 14th [May 1897]—Burren, nr. Kinvara, County Galway
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14 May 1897 — Burren, nr. Kinvara, County Galway
Friday. 14th [May 1897]. Wrote letters—& read MS. before lunch. In afternoon drove out to the round tower constructed on the beach at the beginning of the century for defence against French invasion but now abandoned as useless. It seems built on the plan of the old Irish towers– A door half way up the tower only attainable by ladders. The road by the shore was “broke” we were informed by some peasants so we had to turn back on the shore & returned to Burren by a road passing a little inland salt lake. We are informed that at one end of it there is a fresh water spring which supplies the neighbourhood with drinking water. On our return to our lodging it was quite early only 4 o’cl; so I went off to pay a visit to the proprietress of our lodging—a Miss Hind & had a chat with her. Augusta went to visit the old fisherman Old Madden & to try to extract from him some stories of the fairies of which she is trying to collect a quantity for publication. They are firmly believed in by all the peasants here abouts & Mrs Dhooly who is our present cook spins long yarns about them & gives Augusta valuable accounts which she immediately writes down. We read McGee till dinner time but for ½ hour ran out for a mouthful of air & to search for maiden hair fern of wh we found a little but growing so keep in the clefts of the rocks that we could not get the roots.

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