0Thursday. 20th [May 1897]—Coole Park, Gort, County Galway
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20 May 1897 — Coole Park, Gort, County Galway
Thursday. 20th [May 1897]. I got up at 7 & typed till breakfast. Also painted at the copy of R.G.’s portrait. After lunch Augusta drove me in the poney phaeton to Raheen a place next this to call on the Miss O’Haras—who are relations of hers. We were received by a very stout lady of a certain age who evidently did not expect us so early altho’ it was her “at home” day—& the room in which we sat was poorly furnished & dreary—but she was very hospitable. Thence we drove on to Tilyra a beautiful place belonging to Mr Ed Martin. He was absent, but we found his mother there—a nice looking oldish lady who is very failing in sight. She was very glad to see Augusta—& gave us tea. The house is modern & built on to an old castle—rather stiffly but well furnished & we were shown into a small library filled with nice books. I remember having been there when we stayed at Coole 10 years ago—& we then saw Mr Martin. We got back to Coole abt 6—& took a walk in the woods.

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