0Friday. 28th [May 1897]—3 Savile Row
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28 May 1897 — 3 Savile Row
Friday. 28th [May 1897]. Breakfast in bed. Wrote letters. My sister Blanche & Mrs Henry White (the Australian) came to lunch also Nela Du Cane– I went over to the Bank of England to see Sir A. Birch & to arrange to deposit my plate there. Then drove with Blanche. She brought me home at 5 & I found waiting for me Aline Lambton & Lady May Ponsonby & Rosie Guest. Afterwards Francie Thesiger, Hallam Murray & Jack Gordon (Ld Stanmores son) joined us. When they were all gone I went on foot to Berkeley Square to see old Mr George Clark. He was in a dressing gown in a chaise longue & looked ill– His hands very thin. He said he was 88 yesterday. The Dr told him [he] was not going to die & he was rather sorry of it as he disliked an idle life. He had given up the Dowlais trusteeship & Ivor was now trying to manage it himself. I went on to Hertford St to try to see Addie Bedford—found she was out of town so went home. Maria, Richard & Issie Du Cane dined with me & Mary, also Mlle de Perpigna & Onie Ponsonby.

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