0Thursday. 22nd [July 1897]—Bere Cottage, Bere Regis, Dorset
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22 July 1897 — Bere Cottage, Bere Regis, Dorset
Thursday. 22nd [July 1897]. Directly after breakfast we drove off to Wareham & took 10.49 train to Wimborne. Edgar was delighted with the views of Poole Harbour which he had never seen before—& which we saw en passant. At Wimborne which we reached at 11.7 we found a Canford carriage awaiting us & we heard that my brother Ivor was at home—which was a pleasant surprise to us. We had arranged to go to Canford that I might show Edgar where Henry’s ashes are entombed. We found on arriving at Canford that Lionel & Elaine were also there. They had all arrived yesterday & are to return to town tomorrow. I took Edgar out as soon as we arrived to the Church in the garden & showed him the grave—& also my mother’s. Then we walked up to the village to get the key of the church & we went into it & examined it. Edgar had not seen it since Ivor had restored it. We went to the Nineveh Porch to see the Marbles. They are getting to look damp & were rather green. Ivor, Elaine & Lionel joined us & we walked together to the kitchen garden to see the rose & carnation garden & get some flowers & then back to lunch at 1.30. Showed Edgar over the house. He had not before seen the staircase carved by Biraghi of Venice & the whole done under Henry’s superintendence. At 3 Edgar went off to the Wimborne station & went on to town. I went for a drive with Ivor & Elaine to Broadstone station where Ivor & Agent Mr Patterson met us & a Mr Dunn a great “Golf” man. They took us over a golf ground that Ivor is making close to the railway at Broadstone hoping to make it an attraction & to thus improve Ivor’s property. Men were at work in all directions levelling &c &c. We walked up to the top of the hill where the golf ground ends. There we had a lovely view. Ivor & Elaine walked on to find their carriage. I walked back to Broadstone station & took the next train back to Wareham. Got there at 6.30 & found Battrick waiting for me, & got back to Bere at 7.30. I waited to dine with my brother Arthur & Arthur Du Cane who were expected from London & arrived at 9. Watched them play besique till bed time.

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