0Friday. 30th [July 1897]—Bere Cottage, Bere Regis, Dorset
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30 July 1897 — Bere Cottage, Bere Regis, Dorset
Friday. 30th [July 1897]. Painted Mrs Lug for 2 hours. She showed us how 40 years ago she used to make buttons. She brought a little wire ring & worked it over. It strikes me that one might revive the trade– The button making was the chief means of living here before the glove knitting replaced it & buttons were made by machinery. It was a very hot day the hottest of this summer. Lady Margaret did not join Nelly & me at breakfast. After lunch I sat working & talking to her some time. She is young—pretty & very full of life. Mrs Drax came over to call this afternoon with a companion a young lady. Mrs Drax was very amiable—went round the garden—admired the flowers & asked for plants. We showed off my little parrot Bibi—gave her tea & she left us at six. She was quite smartly dressed in a yellow tassan silk & she spread her pocket handkerchief over her knee when she began her tea. I went to Cobbs hatch to fish & there was joined by Lady Margaret & by George Gordon who arrived abt 7 to stay with us. My brother Arthur arrived from Cardiff abt 9 when we were half through supper.

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