0Thursday. 5th [August 1897]—Bere Cottage, Bere Regis, Dorset
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5 August 1897 — Bere Cottage, Bere Regis, Dorset
Thursday. 5th [August 1897]. Mrs Lugg sat to us in the morning. Afternoon Nellie & I walked up Rye Hill to see old Mr Lugg her uncle who is 98 and a very nice interesting old man. Nellie made a photo of him. He was complaining that his eyes were dim & that his mother’s spectacles, tho’ she died at the age of 92 were too dim for him. I made him try mine & he at once was delighted & said he could see perfectly—so I lent him mine & took away his to have the glasses changed. It is evident his are too strong for him. He told us he had seen George III Jubilee—& could well remember it. George Gordon left Bere & went on to Weymouth on his bycicle. Nelly drove me & Lady Margaret in the poney carriage to the pool on the Bere near Crofts & left me there to fish. I got nothing & rejoined them up the river & Lady Margaret & I walked home from Hemmings farm across the fields. It had been very hot all day & was a lovely evening.

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