0Wednesday. 13th [October 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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13 October 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Wednesday. 13th [October 1897]. Wrote letters & did accounts in morng. Went out with Nela in afternoon in sandolo to Piazza . From there walked by the Riva to the public gardens & back & came home by 5 to tea. Nela went out in sandolo after tea met Mrs Eden & brought her in to see me– In the eveng Nela & I played patience & besique. Mrs Eden told us she had just been to see Mme Duse the actress who is very unhappy because her only child her daughter is in danger of becoming consumptive & has been ordered to Davos. She had brought her up at Dresden hidden away from a bad father & where she would know nothing about her mother’s occupation which she said was so sad a one & from which she wished to keep her—& now her health is threatened. She cried while telling Mrs Eden about it & said she had always tried to do what was right, to be kind to all &c & she could not understand why every thing should go wrong with her. She said the life of an actress was such she was determined to keep her daughter from it. Because she was an actress people said she must have lovers. If people only knew what she had suffered from her own husband whom she had married for love they would understand that she was not likely to want a lover & had a horror of men.

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