0Monday. 25th [October 1897]—Villa Pisani, Vescovana
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25 October 1897 — Villa Pisani, Vescovana
Monday. 25th [October 1897]. Called at 7. Nela & I had early breakfast in my room at 8.30. Read & worked– Lunch at 12. Nela & I took a drive in the open carriage as far as the bridge of Boara on the way back we got out of the carriage & walked a good way home. We had tea at 5 & while we were sitting talking a visit from Countess Miari of S. Elena, her mother Marchesa Salvatera & her friend Countess Conti. They drove over from S. Elena & stayed about an hour. Read more Virgil in the evening. I read aloud while Nela worked. D. Antonio masséd the Countess rheumatic hands—& we all retired to our rooms abt 9.30. Nela & I sat & talked. Then I worked for an hour longer & then to bed.

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