0Monday. 13th [December 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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13 December 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 13th [December 1897]. Guggenheim the rich Jew who has a large shop for ancient & modern furniture called on me this morning to talk over all the machinations now going on to form an Anglo-Italian Society which is to buy up all the Art trade in Venice, & which all sensible people think will be a great failure by wh the confiding English public will lose immensely in the end. He stayed nearly all the morning talking– When he was gone I went to my store room & was giving out candles & soap &c for the weeks consummation, when Guggenheim returned & asked me to let any of my friends in England know that if the Venezia Murano Co would care to enter into a solid loyal combination with him he would be ready to accept proposals. I promised to write & did so after lunch both to Mr Bishop & Mr Rate. It may be too late—but if not I should rejoice to be able to upset Messrs Jesurum & Co’s nets & help for the good of Venice. After lunch Css Capari came with her little boy to ask for more work which I gave her. I did not go out. Nela went to take Iduna Belmondo out & brought her back to tea. Her husband joined her. I had not seen them for a year.

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