0Tuesday. 17th [January 1905]—3 Savile Row
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17 January 1905 — 3 Savile Row
Tuesday. 17th [January 1905]. It was far milder today & it rained early. Geoffrey arrived from Ireland abt 8 A.M.—being abt 2 hours behind time. He is to stay here till tomorrow. Ola went out to lunch– G. & I alone at home. After lunch shopped a little with Nellie & then took a hansom to see Countess de Villamarina—the Marchesa’s daughter in law. She has suddenly asked me to go to see her– As I am by no means intimate with her I felt she must be in trouble & that I must go to her at once– She lives at 51 Rutland Gate– It is as I feared she is in dire trouble. She is obliged to seek a legal separation from her husband. Poor thing! In Italy it is known that he is worthless—& no one will receive him. He had evidently married her for her money & never even lived with her– Had robbed her & squandered all he cd get hold of—& finally to save him & his family from disgrace & dishonor she has had to give him her own & some of her children’s money. She cannot get the marriage annulled as they are not domiciled in the same country. I gave her all the sympathy & advice I could—& feel she has been shamefully treated. She after telling me all sent for her daughter to make tea. She is a pretty girl Miss Jamieson—& very attractive.

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