0Wednesday. 1st March [1905]—3 Savile Row
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1 March 1905 — 3 Savile Row
Wednesday. 1st March [1905]. Princess Victoria of Schleswig Holstein came with Miss Loch to lunch to meet Mrs Silver & Nellie Wyld & we went off directly after in 2 electric broughams to Stepney to Mr & Mrs Nevile Dundas & from there to look at houses to let which would be likely to suit for our Restaurant for the people—the Princess being anxious to help us in the matter. Roberts my old butler, met us there & we had a confab. Charlie Wyld met us from the city. We went over a vacant public house & also an empty house in the Mile End Road & the latter seemed the most likely to be of use. There is a large room at the back & a small garden– Rent £70 a year—but it is quite empty & will require much doing up. The Princess had to hurry away to catch a train back to Windsor so I returned with the others. I dined with Lady Lindsay (Blanche) met Lord & Ly Lovelace & Mr & Mrs G. Meredith. He is the son of the novelist & a partner in Constables publishing house. I told him abt Cornelia’s new book shop opened lately in 9 Dover St. He promised to go & see it & was much interested—he had not heard of it. Eda came to stay.

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