0Monday. 29th [May 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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29 May 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 29th [May 1905]. Being at last alone I am free so I went off to Bologna to pay Donna Laura a visit at Mezzaratta where she has a nice villa. Leaving here at 2 I got there at 6. On the way I had a pleasant companion a gentleman whom I found out to be a Count Aria– We chattered away in Italian on every subject. At Rovigo & Ferrara other people got in & he entered into conversation with them, the great topic being the loss to the people by the late inundations. In many places the country is still under water. Signor Faccioli met me at the station & I went off in a cab with him to the foot of the little hill to Mezzaratta. There Da Laura’s poney trap met us & took us up to the house where Da Laura received me with open arms & took me round the little garden she is so proud of & wh was now full of roses. Faccioli dined & also a niece of Minghetti’s Sra Maria Amici a little dried up talkative woman but very kindly. She lives in the town but comes up daily here to meals. Da Laura has a special talent for arranging her house– I had a charming bedroom, walls & curtains a sober green color—a dressing room attached to it & a door out on to the terrace from wh there is a splendid view of the town & of the wide distant plains.

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