0Saturday. 17th [June 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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17 June 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 17th [June 1905]. I went off at 10.30 to attend the Blue Cross lecture on nursing by Garioni. I found there the Prefect’s wife & had some talk with her abt our Hospital. Countess Tiepolo was there with 2 daughters & I brought them back in my gondola as they live close to me. At 2 Dr Tommasini came to see me & we had a long confab as to what he should say to Wolner & the Prefect. He was going on from here to see them. He is very keen & loyal to the Hospital & will, I am sure get things put straight. As soon as he left I went to call on Sr Guggenheim who has been ill. He has a splendid apartment 2nd floor of his Balbi palace & fitted with every luxury. He has had the gout but is now nearly well & very busy bringing out a book of iron work designs collected from specimens all over Italy. I came home hoping to have a visit from Pss di S. Elia & Css Rosini but the former was evidently in waiting to the Regina Madre. The Dss della Grazia came to tea & we had a long chat. She said she would join the Blue Cross After dinner I went out in gondola—fetched Ola & Sister Rome from the Hos: & took them to see the illuminated boat wh was got up in honor of the Queen. I went in to the Hotel d’Europe to see it from Blanche Lindsay’s rooms & then joined the girls & went about with them—left them at the Hos: & came home by 12. It was a magnificent night– Last night it was full– There was some wind wh a little spoilt the pageant but it could not fail to be lovely.

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