0Sunday. 18th June [1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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18 June 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Sunday. 18th June [1905]. To morning service as usual at 10.30. On my return had a telephone message from Bss Reinelt asking me to go out with her in gondola at 6. I did not go out again till then & abt 4 we had a thunderstorm—of late we have them nearly every day. After 5 Princess di S. Elia came to see me. I was fascinated by her—so gentle & strong & straight & I was happy to have had her with me & to have been alone. I told her that I remembered her father Genl Menabrea had been a friend of my husband’s in the early days of the Italian Unity—when Henry was U. Sec. for F.A. & that our family was always grateful for the kindness he had shown us in the miserable affair between his rascally secy De Mertino & my sister in law Mrs A. Guest. As soon as the Princess had left I went out with Angela Reinelt to the Public Gardens but it was so wet under foot after the storm that we cd not sit there. I left a card on Pss of Monaco & then Angela took me to the Sailor’s Inst: where I attended the service, heard Dr v. Someren expound the Scriptures & then walked home with Mr Harston– Dined & went early to bed.

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