0Tuesday. 20th June [1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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20 June 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Tuesday. 20th June [1905]. Typed all the morning. I am sorry to be coming towards the end of copying Henry’s journal of his trip in the mountains when quite young– It is as tho’ I was living with him a bit more. I went to lunch with Lady Pirbright at the Grand Hotel. She was happily alone & I after lunch sat with her in the room & chatted. She talked of the King with whom she seems to be pretty intimate—& said that she had spoken to him of me & he had said “I know her, a clever woman, she of great use to her husband & made him.” I assured her H.M. was very much mistaken—that he had entirely made me whatever I am, he had taught me all I know, had made me read & cultivate my mind and that without him I should have been nowhere– It rather hurt me that the King should think this. I went on leaving Lady P. to see Baroness Reinelt. She had been received in audience yesterday by the Queen Mother & was enthusiastic as to her charm & grace. I then went home & only went out after tea to leave some cards for an hour. At 6.30 Bss Reinelt called & took me in gondola to the Giardini. When I got home I found the Dss della Grazia arrived to dine with me already. So I dressed after dinner. A few people came to my eveng at home. It was the first really hot night.

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