0Friday. 30th [June 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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30 June 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Friday. 30th [June 1905]. The architect came & I spent nearly all the morning talking over with him the arrangement of the new house at the Giudecca for the nursing home. After lunch I went out to the Hotel Britannia & called for old Baroness Ritter & took her over to see the Hospital. She was highly delighted with it & went everywhere & looked into everything. She thanked me profusely when I left her at her hotel. I went home, had tea & read until the 2 Montalbas came to settle our meeting tomorrow at the Lido for dinner in their cabin– Bss Reinelt called for me & took me in gondola to the Giardini where we got out & sat for a while & partook of lemonade– She likes these quiet little excursions. After my dinner I went off to the Hos: intending to take Ola out in gondola– She had to wait for the German Dr who was coming to visit a patient of his—so I took out Sister Rome & returned for Ola– We also took Dr Werner across to the Zattere & there I left Ola & Sister & came home to bed– This morning’s paper brought appalling news from Odessa—how there was a revolution on board a great iron clad the “Potemkin” & the whole town was in revolt & in fear of the guns of their own ship! The state of Russia is indeed terrible what with war abroad & revolution at home!

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