0Saturday. 1st July [1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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1 July 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 1st July [1905]. My 62nd birthday! I went to lunch at the Giardini with Bss Reinelt. She called for me in the gondola—& Countess Papadopoli was with her. It was pretty hot when we started at 12 but under the trees of the Public gardens it was pleasant. The Bss had invited a young couple from Trieste Mr & Mrs E. Concono (she née Ralli of London) so we were 5 at table. Css Papadopoli took us back afterwards in her steam launch to town. I stayed at home till 5 when I started out in gondola to the Lido—Quattro Fontane to join the Montalba family in their cabin. It was a lovely evening & the sea so calm that the little waves had not strength to pass beyond a line of sea weed wh had been cast up during the late storms. The Montalbas had arranged a pretty table, with china & glass of the country & flowers fresh picked & at 7.30 we sat down to dinner– Ola & Sister Rome arrived shortly after to join us. It grew dark before we left but we had a stroll on the shore & Ola gathered masses of wild clematis in the lane to carry home. About 9.30 we set off home in gondola—I, Ola & Sister R. It was a splendid star lit night and the water was full of phosphorescence wh shimmered under the oars of our boat & at times was like a reflection of the sky. I had sent out all my servants to dine on the Lido & we all came back about the same hour—10.30–

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