0Sunday. 2nd [July 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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2 July 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Sunday. 2nd [July 1905]. Malagola came to call abt 10 & then when I started to go to church I took him with me in gondola as far as S. Vio. I took Carry Eden to her house after service. There was a meeting at their garden this morning of Mr Eden, the Architect, Dr Tommasini & Ola to consider the plans for the new house– I came home & sat in darkened rooms on account of the sudden great heat– At 5 had a visit from the young couple I met yesterday (Concono). Abt 7 Bss Reinelt called for me & took me in gondola to the steamer station at Calle Vallaresso where we embarked for the Lido. Being fête day the steamer was crowded. Arrived at Lido we went in the tram to the Stabto where we dined on the wooden terrace over the sea. Sr Fritz the Reinelts nephew met us & dined with us. Dinner not bad but lack of waiters. Saw a few people one knew. Coming home there was a terrible crowd—& steamer after steamer left crowded leaving crowds who cd find no place. The Bss was near fainting in the crowd & we got her out with difficulty. At the Ponte della Paglia we found her gondola wh brought us home comfortably by abt 10.30. It was a very hot night—heavy scirocco.

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