0Tuesday. 4th [July 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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4 July 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Tuesday. 4th [July 1905]. Almost as hot as ever. Prof: Mattei came to discuss the hospital plans with me & is to give me an estimate. I began to make a water color copy of the Bellini Portrait of Mahomet II. At 11.45 Bss Reinelt called for me in her gondola & rowed me to the Giardini Pubblici where we lunched & also Countess Morosini, her daughter & her father, old Sr Rombo. It was less hot today & there was a little air on the water. The “beautiful Countess” was very amiable. Her daughter very quiet & well mannered & all went very nicely. The Countess had asked to meet me at lunch & is evidently beginning to think I am not so dispicable after all– I returned home in gondola with our hostess by abt 2 & had then my séance with Mattei. This morng at 8.30 hearing the steam launch on the Gd Canal wh was conveying Q. Margherita to Mestre where her motor car was awaiting her, I put down my little Dante wh I was studying & went to the window. The Q. looked up as she got near this house—bowed & waved her hand to bid me adieu—& was gone. Yesterday afternoon Marchesa di Villamarina sent me from the Q. Mother 300 lire for my hospital which was very kind of her—so now the infant Institution will be the fashion. Baroness Ritter came to call at 5 o’cl & had tea & gave me a contribution of 40 lire for the hospital & I gave her some of the bead chains of my making. At 6 I went out in gondola—to see Ola at the hospital & back home. I was dressed for dinner when Bss Reinelt’s gondola came to the door & I went down to see what was the matter. It appeared she had had a little tussel with Bss Ritter who wanted her to return to live at Trieste—& she wanted to unburden herself to me as she was very displeased. How queer people are! Only 2 hours ago Bss Ritter had said to me she wondered that Bss Reinelt did not buy a house here!! In the evening all the Merrick family came & an American lady & Genl whose name I did not catch also the Malagolas. It was still very hot 86º in my bedroom when I went to bed–

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