0Thursday. 13th [July 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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13 July 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Thursday. 13th [July 1905]. Mattei brought me the estimate of the work to be done. It comes to over £400—but it must be done. I went out at 4—called on Mlle Kwekwitsch who is in trouble & wants to sell a watch—said I would try to do so for her. Called also on Iduna Belmondo to condole on her gondola having been stolen last night. She was not at home. Thieves also attempted to steal my “ferro” also. Went on to the Eden’s garden to show the estimate of the hospital work to him—& had tea there. Mr Eden passed the estimate– We sat talking near the lagoon when we perceived black clouds coming up. At first we thought it would be nothing but soon saw angry clouds rolling up over Venice which portended wind. I rushed over to the hospital where I was going to dine & only just got there when a perfect hurricane came up & the air was full of dust. I helped Ola to get windows closed wh was no easy matter as the wind was violent. As soon as the shutters & windows were shut we were almost in the dark—but the electric light was dim, I suppose fm the electric storm without. In about an hour it all calmed down & there was not even much rain—still the atmosphere was enormously cooled—a difference of some 10 degrees. We dined in the entrance hall of the hospital, Ola & the 2 sisters & I– Luigi the servant cooked & waited on us. He gave us an excellent ice. One of the patients was taken very much worse during that time & before I left he died. It made me very sad—& the only cheering thought was to think one had been allowed to help to alleviate his last moments. Ola & I sat out on the fondamenta talking until my gondola came to fetch me after 8 when it was quite fine & pleasantly cool. We took a row in the Lagune near by, Ola, Sister Constance, the dog Biondina & I. There was lightening on the horizon—but the storm gradually disappeared & we went to bed–

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