0Friday. 14th [July 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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14 July 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Friday. 14th [July 1905]. Mr Montalba came in the morning to do Hos: accounts. After lunch Css Cora de Brazzà came & spent a couple of hours talking over her “lavori feminite” arrangements here. Mlle Kwekwitsch also came bringing an old gold watch she wants me to try & sell for her. Poor thing it is a sad thought that this lady should be falling onto greater poverty every day. Css Brazzà left at 4.30 & I was just going off to the Blue Cross meeting when a thunderstorm began– I went across to S. Angelo & went on foot to Pal: Morosini Gallenberg in the Campo S. Stefano where the meeting was held. The violent storm kept nearly every one away & we were only abt 10 of us. After waiting for the storm to cease & for other members to come, we proceeded to business & Mme Pezzè read out the Budget. Dr Garioni who was there approved & after some talk we parted & went home. I got to St Angelo Campo, I found Baroness Reinelt at my door come to call for me in gondola & we went for a promenade but could not land at the Giardini as it was so wet underfoot. After dinner I went to the Hospital to fetch Ola & took her out for a “float.” It was a heavenly night—splendid moonlight & a fresh breeze after the storm– Venice looked brilliant & beautiful & it made me doubly sorry to be going away on Sunday. I lay awake a long time tonight after getting up to look out of the open windows– The silence was complete—only now & then one heard the gondoliers at the traghetto close by chattering & in the stillness one cd almost distinguish their words.

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