0Saturday. 15th [July 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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15 July 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 15th [July 1905]. Hot but nice breeze– Sr Rietti came to take order for the new hospital furniture– Later Sr Arbib came with a long story as to a disagreement he had with Sr Marzollo abt Venezia-Murano affairs. Then Trombini called & so I did not get lunch till after 1– In afternoon came Sra Malagola to bid me good bye– The Consul’s clerk to refer abt a sick Englishman &c &c– I packed my beads & papers for tomorrow’s journey. Clara & Augustus Montalba came to tea to bid me good bye. At 6.30 Baroness Reinelt called for me & took me out in gondola the usual evening trip to the Giardini—but as she had twinges of gout she could not walk much so we did not get out & have our wonted “spremesta” so we went quietly back & she dropped me at home & we took leave of each other. After dinner I went to the Fête of the Redentore. It was a splendid moonlit night. Renardo my gondolier has decorated my gondola in the approved fashion making a felso of green boughs hung with glass lamps & abt 9.30 I started off. The canal was already gay with boats & barges all hurrying in the same direction. I passed a very large peata full of people sitting at a table on wh was laid their supper—& all were talking & singing. The Giudecca Canal was a wonderful sight. Thousands of boats all filled with holiday makers & many decorated with green boughs were going in all directions. The bridge of boats was full of people going backwards & forwards making a tramp constant & even– I went past it all to the Rio della Croce to the Cos: Hospital. There Ola & Sister Rome joined me & I took them out to the fête. As we emerged into the Giudecca we saw at their window Dr Tommasini’s little children so we stopped & invited them to accompany us– A girl of 8—& a small boy of 6– They were delighted & enjoyed seeing the fireworks which were very fine. I still have a childish delight in seeing their show—& we were all sorry when it was over– There was a large galleggiante with a band playing at intervals—& the people in the boats were singing in every direction. The scene was most animated. When the fireworks were over we took the children back to their parents & went off & tied up our gondola to a pole in the canal & the gondoliers produced our supper—a board was fitted across the gondola for a table & we fell to– Then after floating about for another half hour enjoying the scene I took Ola & Sister back to the Hospital and went home to bed—almost sorry to leave the beautiful moonlight—altho’ it was long past 12. I never saw Venice looking so lovely.

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