0Thursday. 10th [August 1905]—3 Savile Row
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10 August 1905 — 3 Savile Row
Thursday. 10th [August 1905]. Nellie lunched with me. I was going at 4 to Foliejon Park to stay with Mrs Wm Whitaker but the Bishop of Gib wrote to say he wished to see me today so I sent on Baker & the luggage & remained till a later train. The Bp came at 5.30—we had a long talk over the Venice Chaplaincy. Mr Harston has resigned & left no chaplain provided for August. Both the Bp & I are vexed. Ola writes that a Patient has died at Dr v. Someren’s home & they cannot find a clergyman. The Bishop promised me this should never happen again. He added “It is only a clergyman who would be capable of such a neglect of duty. I wonder what you or I would have done in such a case”– I said I hoped we should have done our duty cânto qui cânto. I went off as soon as the Bp had left & caught a 7 p.m. train to Windsor. Found a fly ready to take me the 6 miles drive. Mrs Whitaker came out from dinner to greet me—& I hastened to dress & was down by 8.30. Mr Pember Q.C. & Mrs Pember are staying here & a Miss Campbell from Lisbon—niece to Mrs Whitaker. There was a game of bridge & Mr Pember & I sat & talked. He is a very agreeable much travelled man.

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