0Saturday. 12th [August 1905]—Foliejon Park, Winkfield, Berkshire
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12 August 1905 — Foliejon Park, Winkfield, Berkshire
Saturday. 12th [August 1905]. Modelled & sat to Mrs Whitaker. A Mr Currie & Mr & Mrs Benzon cycled over to luncheon. Elderly people & she very masterful. Mrs W. had warned me that her bête noir was Christian science– Sure eno’ she soon got into the subject– They left abt 3 & at 4 Mr Armagh Currie took Mrs Whitaker, her niece & me out in his motor over to Ascot where Lady Colville & Lady Benson were giving a croquet party. We drove into the grounds of a house I seemed to know. A girl waved to me & then a gentleman rose from a chair on the lawn & in them I recognised Jack & Nevil Gordon whose house we had come to by mistake. They told us Lady Benson was living next door. Then we went & found several ladies at the entertainment & very few men– I was introduced to a good many & sat watching the croquet. After we had had tea Mrs Whitaker proposed that her niece & I should go with her to call on Mr Hamilton who lived close by. We had to pass thro’ Lord Stanmore’s grounds again as a short cut—& also the Liddens—as we went along we met a white bearded old man which turned out to be Lord S. himself coming from the station. He had been to town to help entertain the officers of the French Fleet at the lunches given to them by our Houses of Parliament. The enthusiasm for the French Fleet has been enormous. Some of our newspapers have even printed the telegrams in French—& everywhere the sailors have been made much of. Lord S. turned & showed us the way to the Cottage where Mr Aidie lived. He was away so we turned back with him & went into his own house & the view from his terrace of wh he is so proud & then we returned to Lady Benson’s & Mr Currie drove us back to Foliejon Park in his motor.

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