0Sunday. 13th [August 1905]—Foliejon Park, Winkfield, Berkshire
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13 August 1905 — Foliejon Park, Winkfield, Berkshire
Sunday. 13th [August 1905]. Went to church in a village near in the morng. In the afternoon visitors came Sir                & Lady Campbell & also a Baron & Bss Campbell. I could not make him out, he looked & dressed & talked like a German. When after tea we walked down to the croquet ground & he & I the only ones who did not play were sitting by chatting he set the conversation running on the German royal family & he was surprised to find that I knew all about the Empress Fred: & her daughters—& we went on about it for a couple of hours. I found he was a Scotchman– His mother had prevented him going into our army. When the Franco-Prussian war broke out he got into the German army & fought there—he got to be ADC to the Duke of Cobert of that time & constantly referred to him as “my Duke” or “the old Duke.” In that way he knew all our royal & the German Royal families—& was behind many scenes– He became more German than English & had a german barony bestowed on him—but he ended by meeting an English girl in Italy & married her. She is a pleasant bright little woman—& madly fond of motor cars—driving herself. He is evidently devoted to her & when she speaks listens to her with the greatest admiration. It was curious that there should have been 3 Campbell families—no relation to each other represented here—The B. & Bss—& Sir                & Lady C. and Miss Campbell—Mrs Whitaker’s niece. After dinner we 3 sang hymns together. Mrs Whitaker accompanied on the piano.

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