0Wednesday. 16th [August 1905]—Milton Court, nr. Dorking, Surrey
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16 August 1905 — Milton Court, nr. Dorking, Surrey
Wednesday. 16th [August 1905]. Mrs Hoare the daughter (Ida) came from London to spend the day. She drove with Mr & Mrs Rate & me in the afternoon to call on Mr & Mrs Arthur Walrond who have a pretty little cottage in the neighbourhood. We went on to Mr Beaumonts to call on Lady Normanton who has taken the house for the summer. Mr Rate had tea taken to him in his carriage. On our return to Milton Court, Ida left for London & a Mrs Burton & her daughter Enid arrived to stay. Mr Burton is a high Church clergyman at St Albans. Mrs B. is Irish & consequently Low church—the daughter was brought up in a R.C. school near London. Mrs B. is nice looking & has much charm & great simplicity of manner.

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