0Wednesday. 23rd [August 1905]—Canford Manor, nr. Wimborne, Dorset
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23 August 1905 — Canford Manor, nr. Wimborne, Dorset
Wednesday. 23rd [August 1905]. We motored over to Maiden Bradley 26 miles, Cornelia, Corise & I. Left about 11 & went via Blandford & Shaftesbury. We took a by road with steep hills above Blandford thus not reaching Maiden Bradley till near 2. The Duke & Duchess of Somerset received us & had staying with them Mr & Mrs Rumbold (of F O), the Duchess’ sister Mrs Sargent & her husband. Capt. Beaumont (secy) & another man whose name I did not get. After lunch we walked to the kitchen garden to see the Duchess’ favorite herbaceous border which is brilliant. We started home at abt 4 leaving the Duchess giving a tea party to the village school children. We went back via Wincanton & Stalbridge to Blandford a longer route but less hilly road. We passed the gates of Inwood—it made me sad to think dear old Merthyr is gone—& we passed thro’ Henstridge & saw the church where he lies buried. Theo is away abroad somewhere. We found ourselves home at Canford abt 7 rather tired altho we had stopped at the “Crown” at Blandford to have tea– Going such a pace thro’ the air & having one’s attention fixed on the route for so many hours is fatiguing.

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