0Sunday. 27th [August 1905]—Canford Manor, nr. Wimborne, Dorset
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27 August 1905 — Canford Manor, nr. Wimborne, Dorset
Sunday. 27th [August 1905]. Pelting rain in the early morning—but it cleared by the time we were going to church. Excellent sermon from the Vicar Mr Fisher. Curious that he should be so indifferent a parish priest never or seldom visiting his parishioners. After church we walked on the terrace & Corise & her party who had come over to the service. They did not remain to lunch. Ivor & Cornelia, Dacre, the twins & I were going to walk over in the afternoon to tea at Knighton—but Ivor said he was not up to going so he, Cornelia & I walked to the kitchen garden & back to the house—& went in for 5 o’cl tea– We went to church at 6.30—another excellent sermon. Ivor could read his Psalm & hymns in a rather small print. His sight really seems improving. The Cottage party dined at Canford (Corise, Nela & Miss Emily Williams) & sang in the evening which delights Ivor. His voice is not very strong but it pleases him to try. As I am leaving early tomorrow I took leave of him tonight & was quite choky at leaving him for so long a time. Cornelia was very affectionate & kindly when I took leave of her.

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