0Monday. 28th [August 1905]—Canford Manor, nr. Wimborne, Dorset
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28 August 1905 — Canford Manor, nr. Wimborne, Dorset
Monday. 28th [August 1905]. Dacre & I breakfasted before 8 & the motor took us to Poole whence the quick train started at 8.50 for Waterloo—without stopping at any intermediate station. We arrived at 11.10. Had a good deal of talk over the family affairs & ways with Dacre, who is of a silent disposition & requires much drawing out. I went to Savile Row hoping Charlie Wyld would take me out to lunch at one. As he did not turn up I went out & got an excellent lunch at a pastrycooks in Regent St for 2/2—a hot wing of chicken & a café noir. I went then to 88 Albert Gate to enquire after Lady Poynter found she is away at Bessboro’ & very ill. Her husband & son have been sent for. I fear she is not long for this world. How sad! another friend slipping out of my life! I went on to the Jubilee Nurses in Victoria St to see Miss Hughes about nurses for Venice; she told me a married daughter of the Bss of Ripon’s might suit me– I got home soon after 4. At 5 Cavaliere S. Arbib called & Nellie & C. Wyld came to tea. The former is over here from Venice to see his daughters who are at school. I went to dine with Mr & Mrs Freddie Guest who were very friendly & gave me many hints as to my Indian tour & made out a route for me.

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