0Wednesday. 30th [August 1905]—3 Savile Row
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30 August 1905 — 3 Savile Row
Wednesday. 30th [August 1905]. A tremendous day. A man called abt renewing the kitchen stove—a house agent called abt letting this house. I went out to do some shopping & came home to wait for Nellie. In she walked with the Dss of Somerset. I had forgotten I had invited her to lunch today! We wanted to take her to Nellies, but it ended in my going back to Grov: Sqr with the Dss & we had a sumptuous lunch on cold meats & fruit which we thus rescued from the servants of Her Grace! I then returned at 2 home to await a visit from Monty– He came & sat an hour asking much about Ivor’s health. He said he would like to come to India—but could not make up his mind to it & feared the climate. When he left I went out with Nellie who joined me & we drove in a hansom to Eccleston Sqr to see old Ld & Lady Bessboro’ who are both ill. He looks terribly frail. They had packed & prepared to start for Bessboro’ when Lady B. was taken ill. I came home at 5 & Edward Duncannon came to tea with me—being over from Ireland on business. We had tea together & a nice little chat & then walked to Gilbert St & he left me at the door of the Younghusband’s house. The Y’s gave me instructions & hints as to my trip to India & he sketched me out a tour—& recommended me some books & promised me letters. They have a dear little girl who was always in her father’s arms. He is a curious grave strong man & very charming. On leaving there I walked quickly home to find Mr & Mrs Curtis waiting to see me & they stayed chatting till I went off to dine with the Wylds.

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