0Friday. 1st September [1905]—En route to Venice
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1 September 1905 — En route to Venice
Friday. 1st September [1905]. Got to Bâle at 7 A.M.—changed trains into the Milan express & reached Milan at 3.30. Having to wait for the 6.15 train to Venice I took a cab & went to Hotel Cavour to wash & rest. The old Secy there was glad to see me—but was very sad. Biardi the Proprietor is dying at Como—his wife committed suicide 3 weeks ago. He fears the hotel may be closed. I am sorry to think that this house may also disappear. So many old memories attach themselves to it. Here we stayed Henry & I on our way thro’ to London when he was taken with his last illness & here the iron went home into my soul & I spent the most miserable of all the hours facing the trouble. I took a walk in the town where I have now so few friends left. Had some refreshments & returned to the station just in time to start for Venice where I arrived punctually at 11.50—not overtired & got into bed directly.

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