0Thursday. 7th [September 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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7 September 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Thursday. 7th [September 1905]. Woke better but remained in bed writing &c till lunch. Mrs Curtis came to see me (she & Mr C. arrived from London 2 days ago) before I got up. I got out my typer & began to type out the Constitution of the Church here for Mr Montalba. Visit from Pss Adine Windischgrätz who is here taking the baths. The General came too & then Css Belmondo & I gave them tea—& we sat & chatted. As soon as the Pss & the General had gone Iduna Belmondo confessed to me that she has taken to dye her hair wh is beginning to turn grey! She said she does it to please her husband! & hoped I would not be angry. I told her that she need not have confessed to it as I had seen it at a glance– That she was right to obey her husband!! but it is useless to ask me to approve of it in any way. She stayed till quite late chatting. I sent the gondola to fetch Ola & we went out together for an hour before dinner & then I took her home after dinner. Lovely moonlit night.

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